Where:Moscow to Vladivostok

When: July 2014

How Long: four weeks

How Far: about 10,000km


Route map: Moscow / St Petersberg / Yakaterinberg / Novosibirsk / Irkutsk / Khabarovsk / Vladivostok


Red Square, Moscow

Lenin, Moscow metro

Moscow to St P express

BBQ in St Petersberg with Igor & Lara

Laraís boots

St Peterís square

Beside the train

Vodka, caviar on the train

The view from the back of the train

The train stopped at a big station

Train stop at night

Fashion shoes in a small station in Siberia

Breakfast buns for sale on the train

First class compartment

Loading parcels at a platform

Dogs can also travel on the train

More buns for sale

Dinner on the train

Another stop at a station

Beach scene with Russian girls, Lake Baikal

Beach scene with speedboat, Lake Baikal

Dusk on main street Olkhon island

Wood fired mobile sauna on the beach

Beach view Olkhon island

Olkhon island, Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal viewpoint

Lenin statue

Church Khabarosk

Local food on the platform

3rd class carriage

End of the line, Vladivostok

Big Russian submarine, Vladivostok

Aeroflot food, Vladivostok to Seoul