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The Maldives are located off the southern tip of India and consist of a large number of small low lying tropical islands. They have become a very popular holiday destination for Europeans, including for diving. In 2007 I was working in Kerala state in India, and took advantage of the proximity and direct flights from Trivandrum to Mahe, to spend a week on a liveaboard dive boat.


Location of the Maldives, off the southern tip of India



The dive boat itself was rather basic, and I shared a small cabin with non- functioning air conditioning. There were about ten guests on board including a group of three Italian couples. The dive guide left much to be desired, seemingly uninterested, and at one stage reduced an inexperienced lady diver to tears. Underwater things were better, and the highlight was an amazing display by two manta rays, which I assumed was a courting ritual.


The Maldives consist of many small islands, which are all only just above sea level


School of juvenile barracuda

Giant travally


Close up of napoleon wrasse

Napoleon wrasse with me


Manta ray

Manta rays performing a mating ritual (?)


Inside the liveaboard diveboat

Sunset in the Maldives


Anemones in the Maldives



White tipped shark

Schooling yellow fin sweetlips


Sweetlip close up

Overhanging reef