CUBA 2016


USA 2016

CHILE 2017



Where: Miami to San Francisco

When: September 2016

How Long: three weeks

How Far: 3700miles


Route map: Miami / Cape Canaveral / Ocala / Selma / Natchez / New Orleans / Galveston / El Paso / Tombstone / Tucson / Joshua Tree / Sequoia / Yosemite / San Francisco


Selecting a Ford Mustang in Miami

Space shuttle at Cape Canaveral

Ocala Nat Forest canoe trip, Florida

One of a thousand Walmarts

Camping, Okefenoke Nat Wildlife Park, Georgia

Edmund Pettus bridge, Selma, Alabama

Mississippi River, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Music scene, French Quarter, New Orleans

Interstate across the Bayou, Louisiana

Galveston seafront, Texas

Big ute, Texas

Seminole canyon, Texas

Fort Davis, Texas

Border patrol vehicle, New Mexico

Re-enactment Day, Tombstone, Arizona

Civil war re-enactment

Neon advertising signs in the desert

Picacho Peak from interstate, Arizona

Lockheed constellation PIMA museum, Arizona

EC-121 PIMA museum, Tucson, Arizona

Cactus campsite at dusk

Joshua Tree

Cactus, Joshua Tree Nat Park

Dawn at the Joshua Tree Nat Park

Crossing Route 66 at Barstow, California

Freight train heading west, California

Interstate with windfarm, California

Oil well, California

Sequoia Forest road

Sequoia trees

World’s largest tree

Yosemite Nat Park

Crossing Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

Alcatraz island, San Francisco Bay

Haight-Ashbury signpost, San Francisco

Swing dance lesson, Golden Gate park

Cable car, San Francisco

Having a beer with Robert and Hayley