CUBA 2016


USA 2016

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CUBA: ROAD TRIP 2016 (not really a road trip, but a celebration of Cuban automobiles)


Where:Western Cuba circuit

When: August 2016

How Long: three weeks

How Far: about 1000km


Route: Havana / Cienfuegos / Trinidad / Varadero / Vinales /Havana


Chevrolet taxi in Havana

Riding along the Malecon, Havana

A fine looking Ford in Havana

From the back seat of a taxi, Havana

Collection of old and new at lights, Havana

Chevy pick up, Cienfuegos

Another type of taxi, Cienfuegos

Chevy taxi, Cienfuegos

Back seat Chevy boss, Cienfuegos

Another type of transport

Yet another type of taxi, Cienfuegos

Smart Chevy taxi, Trinidad

Chevy taxi, Trinidad

Taxis waiting at the beach, Trinidad

Big Plymouth, Trinidad

Two station wagons, Varadero

Big yellow taxi, Varadero

Lada taxi broken down on way to Vinales

Four legged transport, Vinales

Wet weather riding, Vinales

Bicycle onion seller, Vinales

Motorcycle sidecar on highway to Havana

Big American coupe, La Rampa, Havana

Revolutionary heroes, Havana