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Budget Diving at Maumere, Flores, Indonesia by Andrew Falconer


After a week diving at Alor (see separate article), I flew back to Kupang (Wings Air) and connected the same day with a flight to Maumere (Sriwijaya Air), being met at the airport and taken by taxi to the  resort about 40 km east along the coast. The resort was low key and relaxing, with bungalows, a restaurant and bar, and was run by a Swiss lady and her Indonesian partner.


Location of Ankermi ”Happy Dive” resort, Maumere bay and islands



There was both shore muck diving and boat dives to the passage near the island. For the islands a minimum of three divers are required. The trip out takes up to an hour using a local fisherman’s boat which has a very loud motor (I used earplugs after the first day. Double dives were made with a nice lunch in between. The diving was good with walls, beautiful corals and plenty of pelagic fish and sharks, for a change.



Sunset from the resort

schooling trevally


more schooling trevally


The shore dives were either directly off the resort jetty, or in the case of a WW2 Japanese wreck a short walk away, and can be done solo with Ankermi as a guide I saw a lot of interesting critters.


Coral shrimp

scorpion fish

Ornate ghost pipefish

one of the walls

Gorgonia fan coral

white tip shark

Blue spotted ray close up

passing jellyfish



In conclusion, the accomodation and diving was excellent, and reasonably priced at $AUD650 for aweek. There are regular daily direct flights to Maumere from Denpasar.